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In 2017 we held 1 day workshops across the UK for those with experience of university-community collaborations and those interested in exploring the potential opportunities in this area.

Building on these workshops, we are working with Runnymede Trust and local partners to develop regional networks to support Black and minority ethnic community organisations to develop projects, build capacity and link-up with other organisations. Stepping into a community leadership role may be exhilarating and exciting but it will also be lonely and overwhelming. The Common Cause Networks will be set up in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and Nottingham. Each network will offer peer support, expert speakers, case study presentations, and a safe space for people as they think through, plan and then take action to realise their ideas.

Please see the links below to register for a network in your area:








We will also be launching registration for the networks in Nottingham and Liverpool soon.



Common Cause examines collaborations between universities and Black and minority ethnic communities in Arts and Humanities research. It seeks to engage with both university and community based researchers in order to understand how they are working together, sharing good practice and could further develop mutual value. This project will map out routes to greater inclusion that enable the rich diversity of the UK population today to fully participate.

This particular survey will help us to learn more about these collaborations. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The first part asks about specific project(s). This information will be added to a new online public database of past and present projects and inform the direction of future workshops and face-to-face interviews. The second part of the survey asks general questions about your collaborative relationships. This information will help us shape future workshops and interviews.

If you have been involved in a collaboration either as an academic or a community participant please complete the  Common Cause Survey.


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